Meet The Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris Guide Team

‘This cannot be the normal standard of hunting guides in New Zealand’ this statement is made time and time again by our clients… and for all the right reasons.

We have a unique team culture and environment, our clients aren’t treated as clients, they’re treated as friends. Our guides work hard and offer our clients their absolute best. It doesn’t take long for our clients to see the hard work our guide team is putting in, this builds a strong bond between client and guide.

Ben – A super keen red stag hunter having spent huge amounts of time in the New Zealand backcountry. Ben guides the majority of our heli access wilderness tahr and chamois hunts. Ben also guides in British Columbia, Canada for Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Caribou and other species. An excellent, dependable, diligent, hard working guide with a great sense of humour.

Ethan – If you’re not having a good time with Ethan you are not on this planet! Ethan is fun loving, has an easy going nature and might just have the best set of spotting eyes on the team. An Enthusiastic, personable guide, very capable and serious about a 100% delivery to his clients.

Russell – Our Canadian import being a resident of Alberta. Russell started in an assistant guide role and climbed to guide status within one season. Dependable, reliable conscientious, industrious and resourceful. Russell just keeps delivering for his clients.

Fred – Our Danish import (the Great Dane) now a New Zealand resident. A hunter of the land and sea, Fred has an unquenchable thirst for the outdoors and adventure. Fred lives on site here at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, he’s a builder by trade with a sense of humour and enthusiasm that is totally infectious. It’s impossible not to like Fred, he lives not for every day but for every moment.

Sarah – Our German import. Sarah (Charlie) started as an assistant guide and worked her way to guide status in quick time. We hope to have Sarah back in future having been a key member of our team of the Covid stricken seasons. Our clients loved being guided by Charlie!

Jessica – Jess could be our most important guide in her role looking after our non hunting guests. Jess is heaps of fun, while the hunters are in the hills Jess will make sure you’re having just as much fun in town.