What are the key elements that make up a successful hunting safari, asks Chris McCarthy? Is it the challenge, the thrill of the hunt, the terrain, the animals, the feeling of release when your dream trophy is taken, the sense of achievement, the friendship’s formed and future hunts planned. For me it is all of these things and many more.

chris-mccarthy-new-zealand-hunting-guide at hunting show

Chris McCarthy your New Zealand hunting guide

I have owned and operated Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris since December 2006, initially specialising in alpine wilderness hunts for tahr and chamois. It was a tough beginning in my early years as an outfitter and guide running a 3 month season of back to back wilderness hunts. I soon realised that tahr and chamois alone were not enough to base a successful hunting operation on, so gradually I acquired access agreements with large private properties for hunting red stags and further species.

I have guided for Asiatic Buffalo and Wild Oxen in the Northern Territory of Australia and guided Dall ram, Fannin ram, Mountain goat, Caribou, Moose and Bear in North America.

Chris is also a keen author and sits on the pro staff of Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures magazine as a Field Editor.

I had the privilege of growing up on a family farm (which is still in the family today) and also owned my own lumber business, many of the skills learned from a rural life crossed over into outfitting at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.

Recently sitting in Whitehorse airport, Yukon BC, I was talking to a hunter who’d had a bad experience by hunting with “one of the big guys”. “I was just another number, I’ll never make that mistake again” he said. The hunter was a Texan and after a couple of hours of hunting chit chat we parted ways and promised to catch up at the Dallas SCI show. Our chat made me think about how many stories are out there of hunters being burnt by their outfitters.

At Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris we have two main objectives, quality trophies and quality experiences this simple formula leads to happy hunters and a repeat hunter rate which I believe is unsurpassed.

At Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris my promise to you is that you will never be “just another number” you will be our client under our care with our sole focus to make your hunt with us the best hunting experience of your life.

Chris McCarthy Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.