A trophy South Pacific goat makes a great add on to your big game hunt.

South Pacific Goat

Goats can be hunted free-range on a vast 36,000 acre property with good vehicle access. Billy goats are usually white in colour and are easily spotted. Goat hunting is a great option for beginners; bow hunters or rifle hunters who are looking to add another trophy to their hunt for minimal extra cost.

South Pacific Goat Trophies

Goat trophies can reach up to 40 + inches in spread. Capes and skins are generally white but can be in a variety of colours. We have an exceptional wild goat area where trophies are generally no smaller than 35 inches in spread; the largest trophy we have taken is 43 inches in spread. The South Pacific goat is an under rated trophy animal they are a great add on to any hunting package, offering great spot then stalk hunting in open country.

Goat Hunting Dates

Goats can be hunted year round; often mobs of 50 – 100 animals are encountered.

Other Species Available

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