South Pacific Elk hunting. There is something about an Elk which cannot be described until you are up close to a bugling Bull.

South Pacific Elk Hunting

Elk or Wapiti (Native American Indian name) can be hunted with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. We have access to a small herd of South Pacific elk and generally only take 2-3 bulls each season. New Zealand received a shipment of 20 elk as a gift from President Theodore Roosevelt which were released into Fiordland on New Zealand’s South Island in 1905.

South Pacific Elk Hunting Dates

Bull elk bugle at the same time as the red stags roar, from mid March until late in April. South Pacific Elk can be hunted successfully from March until May; hunting later in the winter months is possible. To my knowledge there is no more of a primal sound or call of the wilderness than a big bull elk at full bugle.

Elk Trophies

Trophies range from 350 – 420 SCI, generally with a minimum antler length of around 50 inches. Trophies tend to have nice whale tails and strong tines.

Other Species Available

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