Fallow deer are an exciting, aggressive animal in the rut and a unique trophy with palmated antlers.

Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow deer hunting with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris in the Lake Hawea region is just good honest fun! We have access to a 36,000 acre free range property with great fallow hunting and great numbers of fallow deer. Fallow bucks in this area carry good representative trophies; we also have fallow deer on a game estate where top trophies can be taken.

Fallow Buck

A trophy fallow buck is generally not the primary animal booked with one of our hunt packages. A fallow can be easily added to most hunts and packages. A fallow buck or ‘mini moose’ (definitely a lot lighter), makes a great edition to your hunt down under.

Fallow deer range in colour from black to white and everything in between. A common colour for the animals we hunt is menil, with white belly, and a light brown to orange coat with white spots.

Fallow Hunting – Best Dates

Fallow hunting is most exciting during the rut which is from mid April to early May, at this time the fallow bucks are extremely aggressive and vocal, making a series of guttural croaks which echo from the valleys in a similar way as a red stag roar. Fallow bucks will make rutting scrapes and will also travel in search of does (females), this of course leads to fallow bucks encountering each other and fighting for dominance.

Fallow bucks strip their velvet in February and will retain their antlers right through until October and can be hunted with success any time over this period. Typically pre rut and early rut are the best times for fallow hunting, before the bucks begin to fight often breaking off tines from their antlers.

Fallow Trophies

When fallow deer hunting we are looking for trophies with good palmation in the antler and a beam length of around 30 inches or better, good lower tines and guard tines (back tines) are also characteristics we are looking for. Upgrades available to a large estate buck such as pictured below.

Other Species Available