Wild pigs and trophy Boars inhabit our Red Stag properties.

Trophy Boar hunting, wild pigs.

Wild pigs inhabit our red stag properties in low numbers and are generally regarded by landowners as pests. There for if wild pigs are encountered on any of our hunts they can be shot for no cost. However if you wish to target a trophy boar a trophy fee does apply. To really hunt successfully for trophy boars in New Zealand you need a team of dogs. We do not have pig dogs at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris but we can contract professional pig hunters to help you take a trophy boar.

Trophy boar hunting makes for a great day of hunting and when the time comes it’s up to you whether you want to opt for your rifle or knife.

Boar Trophies

Trophies are best available; boars generally carry good tusks and can weigh up to and in excess of 200 pounds. Boars are a range of colours, black or tan being common colours and many boars are a mix of both.

Boar Hunting Dates.

Boars can be hunted all year round

Other Species Available

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