Arapawa Rams are unique to New Zealand, rams horns exceed a full curl and can curl twice.

Arapawa Ram Hunting

A trophy Arapawa ram makes a great addition to any hunt or hunting package.

Arapawa rams are predominantly black or dark brown and have varying coloured horns, some lighter, some darker and some are light on the top side of the horn and dark on the bottom side. Rams generally have some white on their face. Awapara sheep originate from Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island and were introduced by early settlers.

Arapawa Ram Trophies

Arapawa trophies all exceed full curl, trophies are commonly one and a half curls and on some rams may even curl twice, or be very close to it. Generally Arapawa rams will have a horn length of 30 – 35 inches, the biggest ram we have ever had died of old age and was 40 inches in horn length.

Arapawa Ram Hunting Dates.

Rams can be hunted year round.

Other Species Available

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