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New Zealand Red Stag

New Zealand red stag hunting, that’s what we do at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. If our free-range red stag hunts are booked out or you’re seeking a trophy that’s ‘next level’ consider an estate hunt, we have hunts available for red stags ranging from 320 – 600 SCI. Hunts are conducted within a large, private tract of mountain country, large fallow bucks are also within this area.


Outfitter Chris McCarthy with his clients New Zealand Red Stag.

The New Zealand red stag is famous throughout the hunting world. Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris has the access and expertise to help you be successful and secure one of these giants. Many of these red stags will carry in excess of 50 points and measure up at over 500 SCI score. Hunt for the biggest red stag we can find, or hunt for a New Zealand red stag that fits your budget, we’re here to find the right stag for you. All our guides are official SCI measurer’s and well qualified at judging trophy red stags in the field.

New Zealand Red stags 320 – 600 + SCI


Outfitter Chris McCarthy with clients Deb and Lee, with Lee’s estate red stag scoring 409 SCI

Best red stag hunting dates

New Zealand red stags can be hunted from early February when they begin stripping their velvet and polishing their points for the upcoming ‘roar’ season, right through until mid-August when they shed their antlers. The ‘roar’ or rut begins in mid-March and extends until late April, peak roar dates being 20 March to 15 April.

Antler length is generally 35 -42 inches with some stags pushing up past the 45-inch mark.

The hunting area is a 4,000-acre private estate, there are some vehicle tracks which allow us to maneuver to glassing points and also climb up high with 4×4 or side by side buggy.

If you’ve always dreamed of hunting a New Zealand red stag, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris can make it happen for you in a professional, friendly manner. The roar of the red stag is something that every hunter needs to experience at least once in their life time, but watch out, it’s addictive!

Estate red stag hunts are run from our lodge at Lake Hawea, tucked away beneath Mt Grand. The lodge has 4 dedicated client rooms, we can provide further private accommodation if needed.


Pictured is client Gary Innis and Chris McCarthy with a free-range Otago red stag, this stag is right at the top end of what can be achieved free range, a big 16 pointer, a hunt for and estate red stag is the only way to achieve bigger trophies.

When estate hunting trophy red stags are judged in the field by your guide, an accurate indication of trophy size will be given by your guide when evaluating animals. New Zealand red stags fall into different trophy classes depending on the size of their antlers. Below is a range of trophies taken by our clients in previous seasons, starting with stags scoring around around 330 SCI (Safari Club International) score.

New Zealand Red Stags

Watch the slide show at the top of this page, it starts with trophies taken around 350 SCI score and moves right through to stags scoring over 500 SCI. Ask Chris for more detailed follow up information.

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