New Zealand Red Stag Hunting

Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris has some of the best red stag hunting in New Zealand.

As we wrestle the antlers of a mighty trophy red stag out of the bracken fern an international trophy hunter who once lived in New Zealand says. "Chris this is just like red stag hunting was over forty years ago." You know then you have a fantastic area for red stag hunting.

Traditional Red Stag Hunting - Like Taking A Step Back In Time

To hunt our red stag area is like taking a step back into New Zealand's past, this is New Zealand red stag hunting at its finest, free-ranging red stags, roaming, rutting and fighting for dominance in the majestic Southern Alps.

Free-range red stag hunting with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris is a hunt of a lifetime, New Zealand red stag hunting at its absolute best, the way it used to be 70-80 years ago!

Our red stag hunting safaris are run on private property to offer the best red stag hunting and trophies available. Our free range red stag hunting is based around a 6x6, 12 point red stag, with beam length of 35 inches or longer, it is possible to take free range trophy stags over forty inches in length with up to 16 points.

Game estate options are available if you desire a new Zealand red stag trophy which can not be taken in the wild. 

Red Stag Hunting Options - free range or game estate

Red Stag Hunting Trophies New Zealand

Red Stag Hunting Trophies

Private land free-range red stag hunting trophies: Trophies range from 12-16 points, 35-42 inches in length, a typical trophy is a symmetrical royal red stag, 12 points, 36 inches in beam length.

Estate red stag hunting trophies: Estate trophies start from SCI silver meda, 14-20 points, 36-42 inches in beam length. Gold medal and gold medal plus red stags are available, right up to 500+ SCI.


Red Stag Hunting New Zealand dates

Red Stag Hunting Dates

The best time for red stag hunting in New Zealand is the rut or roar. At this time the red stags are extremely vocal and extremely busy challenging other stags and trying to keep hold of their hinds. In New Zealand the red stag roar begins around the middle of March and continues until the last week in April. Stags are in hard antler from mid February until the end of August and can be hunted any time between these dates.

Red Stag Hunting New Zealand General Information


Red Stag Hunting General Information

Red deer are the animal that first attracted overseas trophy hunters to New Zealand, red stag hunting began as early as the 1920's. Red deer were introduced to New Zealand in the 1870's and in particular two famous South Island herds became established. The Otago red deer herd and the Rakaia red deer herd. We have access to two famous properties to hunt these two unique red deer herds, the Otago red stags generally carry many points, with back tines facing in toward each other to produce a really nice shaped red stag trophy. The Rakaia red stags are typically heavier and longer in antler but carry fewer points, so we have two different properties for the two different styles of red stag trophies. The Otago property was part of the original station where the Otago herd was liberated and the Rakaia property is the actual liberation point of the Rakia red deer herd, two very speical properties to hunt and take free-range red stag trophies.

With our estate red stag hunting we have access to red stags as big in trophy size as any other New Zealand outiftter. We understand that a big red stag is the number one priority for most overseas trophy hunters who visit New Zealand, we can provide a hunt in breathtaking scenery and a trophy as big as you've dreamed of.


Red Stag Packages and Prices New Zealand

Red Stag Hunting Packages and Prices

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New Zealand Red Stag Hunting Video

Watch these short videos for a better understanding of red stag hunting with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, free range red stag hunting at its best, high animal numbers, high trophy quality an exceptional New Zealand hunting experience.



Enquire About Red Stag Hunting with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

Please contact us for further information about red stag hunting in New Zealand. We will reply with a full price list, detailed information on all hunts plus anything specific you have asked for. We aim to respond within 24 hours. This may be stretched a little during our main hunting season March - July - Contact Us

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Red Stag Hunting Packages and Prices

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