Arapawa ram, Pitt Island ram, North Otago ram.

There's nothing more kiwi than sheep, New Zealand as a country lived of the sheeps back for a long time. Why not add a sheep on to your New Zealand hunt, genuine free-range and game estate options available

Hunting options for ram hunting in New Zealand

We have 3 options available for hunting wild sheep in New Zealand.

Arapawa rams and Pitt Island rams are hunted in game estates. Both sheep are predominantly black woolled, the main difference being that the Pitt island rams have black horns and a black face, where as the Arapawa's have tan coloured horns with generally some white on their face. Awapara sheep originate from Arapawa Island in the Malborough Sounds at the top of the South Island and were introduced by early settlers. Pitt Island rams originate from Pitt Island, they are a Spanish merino sheep, also introduced by ealry settlers.

North Otago rams are hunted under free-range conditions. There tends to be equal numbers of black and white sheep. The North Otago sheep originated from stragglers which escaped from sheep farms into steep gorge country in the ealry 1900's.

All 3 species are recognised as rare species of sheep in New Zealand


Trophies with over a full curl and a length of 30 + inches are possible. Awapara rams tend to have coloured horns with some white on their faces, while Pitt island rams have black horns with a jet black face.

Being horned animals sheep can be hunted the year round, rams are found with the ewes or in bachelor groups.

We have access to hunt two different types of sheep, Awapara ram and Pitt Island ram, both species are hunted under game estate conditions and are a great add on to any big game hunt. Their thick, black/brown wool and coloured horns make great trophies, not to be confused with just being a sheep, both species offer good hunting.




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